Why I took a Break from Social Media
Aside from all the societal pressures that goes on on a day to day basis. I'm getting down and personal on why I took a break from social media. Have you ever needed a break?
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I feel like we've all been there, but for a good 3 months I was letting the smallest things get to me. What really drove me over the edge was the community on Instagram in general. I'm going to talk about all those things no one really talks about.

1. The number of followers you have on Instagram really makes people feel differently about themselves.

It's a simple notion. The more followers you have the more prestige and particular you become. haha As bloggers from time to time you work with one another to try and reach a wider audience. I had a few specific bloggers  express that working with bloggers with followers under 50k was just not "worth it." I can respect the business side of things everyone reserves the right to work with whoever they choose.  However where do we draw the line? How do you think that will affect your image in the future? I personally, cannot look at these individuals the same way anymore. I don't know food for thought. I really love to welcome bloggers and members from the Instagram community with open arms. I've made some genuine connections because of it. 

2. I lost my inspiration

For those of you who have been with me since the beginning know how much I love fashion. I have always been a girly girl and I would say pretty confident of myself. I noticed that the more I worked on social media, the more self conscious I became.  I started to think my photos or style just wasn't unique enough. I felt the need to try and do what other girls were doing instead of focusing on my style. Thats when I knew I needed to step away. I have always been pretty good about putting styles together in my head, I was not about to loose that now. 

3. Formation of Clicks! 

I thought high school was over. haha But nope, if you have a lot of followers you get to play with the cool kids if you don't you're just out. Until who knows when. It's important to remember we are all human beings. Let's respect each other above all. 

4. I had forgotten why I even started blogging. 

Yep! When I started I wanted to give my brand a voice and share my style with the world. I wanted people to have the opportunity connect with me by giving me the opportunity to inspire others to be themselves no matter what. In the process I lost sight of that. 

5. I took a mini vacation

I was able to reconnect with family and friends and do things that I love. (other than fashion) I was lucky and blessed to have the opportunity to take that time off for myself. It was so nice to not look at my phone every 5 minutes or check my email. I really needed it. I instantly became a happier person. I gained perspective and wisdom I would say. :)  Next week I will be talking about how I knew I was ready to come back on social media and what steps I'm taking to make sure I don't fall into the same emotional mental state as before. lol 
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Kendra Caryn 


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