What Else Can I Pair my Denim Shorts With?
white button up | denim shorts
denim shorts | magazine clutch
statement necklace | white button up | pink lipstick
daisy duke shorts | denim shorts | white button up

What Else Can I Pair my Denim Shorts With?

Yes, Denim shorts are comfortable with basic tees and a good pair of converse, but it can also be your date night outfit as well.

Dressing up can can uncomfortable sometimes. Sometimes putting too much effort into one outfit is displeasing. So what can we do about it? Grab your favorite pair of denim shorts and button up. The top can be any style you prefer but make sure the color and material compliments the shorts you choose. Here I decided to throw on some wedges to compliment a spring/summer look. You can choose to throw on a statement necklace or not but it adds an extra touch to the whole outfit. For those of your who know me and have been following me for a while, you already know I love to accessorize. So when I get to wear my favorite pair of daisy dukes and a statement necklace, you know I'm there. haha 




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