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Who doesn't love to accesorize during the fall season? I know I do, but sometimes between all the hot cocoa and cuddling were not always in the mood. haha I love fall colors but not always sure what colors are appropriate for my hats. I have chosen a few favorites for this fall season down below. 

As my usual readers have already noticed, I can be a minimalist type of girl when it comes to outfit colors. I am all for the neutrals, grays, and whites because I love to play with my lipstick colors. The hat I am wearing in the photo above is from target and I linked it here. The price and the quality of it is amazing. No complaints. I wore it this weekend and it really fell nicely on my head. it didn't feel like it would fly away. You know what I mean? The jeans are from Abercrombie & Fitch, the super skinny fit. what I like about these jeans is that they are super stretchy and perfect fro ankle boots. The necklace is from mirinacollections called vivian you can use code "caryn20" for an exclusive 20% off. It was a definite show stopper and really helped put together my outfit. 

I added all my favorite hats on, and the top colors in my closet include: Burgundy, gray, tan camel color, black, & pink. Those I usually buy in a wool material because it keeps you warmer and looks nicer on. I also purchased some beanies from forever 21. currently less than $10,00. You can't beat those! Those you can pair up with almost anything. Specifically bought them for everyday use. 

However, if you had to choose only two colors to own for the winter. I would decide between camel brown color or black and/or burgundy and gray. 

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