Ideas for Thanksgiving Activities

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Oh my gosh guys! Few days before thanksgiving! I wanted to share some photos I took while I was at the UCLA campus. I went to get my degree and it felt so good to have it on paper. I'm really excited about spending time with my family on Thursday and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to share some fun thanksgiving activities. 

What is great about the holidays is that we get to spend time with family, but let's be real sometimes we end up sitting around looking at each other with nothing to do. We end up starring down at our cell phone instead. These things are normal but I jotted down my top three activities to do, along with some fun attire suggestions that we can change into from our fancy dinner. Heck we can sleep in the clothes and it can be  our black Friday shopping clothes as well. 


​1. Game boards: Can't go wrong! Consider having some age appropriate games for the children, adolescents, and adults. Take it as a good opportunity for family members to bond. Jenga, Monopoly, Charades.. 


​2. Decorate: If you haven't taken out the christmas tree or some holiday decor consider taking it out and have the e family bond over decorating the house. I can remember one thanksgiving where my mom made us help her decorate the chimney after dinner. My brothers and I were not too happy at first but going through christmas decor brought us together by reminiscing past holiday memories. 


3. Plan an outing. Could be either a hiking trail, beach outing, outdoor adventure. For a lot of us this is our pre warm up toward black Friday shopping. 


4. Volunteer or write anonymous thankful letters. This can be great to read out loud and randomly choose them. 



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