Pretty in Sequin
sequin pants
concert outfit
pink stilettos
sequin pants outfit
sequin pants OOTD


Hey loves! 

 Putting together this outfit was really fun for me.  I knew I wanted something bold but I was really excited to wear my necklace. Sometimes with fashion you just have to not be afraid to play with it. I had been wanting to wear these sequin leggings for a long time and I recommend wearing a laid back tee shirt, tank top, or blouse with it. It depends on the type of look your going for. I was going to a concert so I wanted a little bit something more laid back. So as you can see in the photos I paired the leggins with a comfortable gray tank top. On special occasions I pop out the neon pink heels. I bought mine during the summer last year from Steve Madden. There should be more colors coming out later on in the year or spring. I definitely would recommend looking on ebay or amazon if you absolutely want some now. I wore this outfit during the day but once I got to the concert I paired a white classic concert tee and switched out the heels for some black studded halogen flats. You can comfortably wear any color of classic heel.  

As always, Thanks for reading. <3 


Caryn ​​

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