Off-White Lace Up Dress

white dress


White dress


white dress


spring dress


Off-White Lace Up Dress 

​How many of you love the backless dresses? I know I do. I came across this one in my closet and I could not resist. I have been wanting to wear a backless strappy dress for quite a long while. These are hard for me to find because finding the right bra can be a hassle. However I did find a bare backless bra at target and I linked one here

What is so great about being able to tie the dress? Well for starters it stays in place and allows you to grip comfortably.   

This is my favorite Sunday dress because I was able to put on a blazer over it for church and then I was able to go out in it. This off white dress screams the beach or farmers market outing. I wore it to the downtown claremont shops. It was a definite hit.

I added a few of my favorite dresses below in order to recreate this look at <3 Thanks for reading! 



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