Green Pleated Dress
green pleated dress
green spring dress
block heels


Green Pleated Dress 

​My many shopping adventures scored me this vintage pleated dress. I love how pleats can give a casual elegant mix. I wore this dress out to a casual dinner and a movie. I love the idea because it was just enough to make me feel dressed up but not too overboard. 

The closest dress I could find is this one under $30.00. If you prefer a long dress I also found a really nice one by Jessica Simpson, although the price range is higher. I like this long one because it can be the type of dress you can wear to a wedding or cocktail event.  

As for the headband, don't be afraid to throw it on. I love headbands it is my favorite accessory! It allows you to accessorize yourself without having to wear too much make up. Sometimes I am just too lazy to put on eyeshadow. :) The gold accents of the one I'm wearing brings together the casual shoes with the dress. My favorite is one from Charlotte Russe




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