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california sunset
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Back to School outfit by day and beach outfit by night :D 

​How many random trips do you take right after school? Well I guess it is only possible if you live in California or anywhere in the world that is close enough to the beach. ;D The beaches get a little cooler at night and typically in classrooms so I try and carry a light weight sweater cardigan with me at all times. That never ending summer weather. haha 

While in class your siting most of the time therefore comfortable shorts are a must. I used to make sure my shorts were stretchable and slightly distressed. In particular if they had some colorful embroidery that happier I was. Also, V neck T shirts are my favorite. Can never go wrong with a colorful bandeau bra and a white Tee. I usually buy mine at Victoria's Secret. They have a great selection for any personality. 

Ofcourse I had to wear my Mac Lipstick- Saint germain. I also love to accessorize in small versatile jewelry, Summer means wear an anklet! For my favorite summer anklets and toe rings go here

​I added a few of my favorites below! Thanks for reading. <3 






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