How to rock that boho skirt?
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Whether you want to be your skirt long or short. Nothing like a flowy skirt speaks festival ready.

Hi loves! Well it's that time again. I can't make up my mind if I would go for the daisy dukes shorts or a long skirt. I wore this outfit to an elegant beach dinner. But the endless possibilities of Coachella styling dawned on me. How would I wear this skirt to a festival?


1. Knitted crop top:

Yes! have you seen all the cute tops they have at forever 21. I would definitely rock a white or nude crop top with this. 


2. Distressed tank top:

So what if I don't want to look like a princess and embrace my rocker side a little bit more? Don't be afraid to throw on a dark distress shirt. Don't forget your headband and your arm candy with this. 


3. Headband:

Don't forget this one! Depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Add some flowers in your hair. A good Braid or a gold head accessory. 


There will be a lot more outfit styles ideas for Coachella, but this is just a little sneak peak. Thanks for reading. <3




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