How to rock Knee-High Socks?
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Ok we Have all been there. So many options during the fall when it comes to socks and leg warmers but sometimes we have no idea how to pair them up. Below I have shown two gorgeous designs from Chrissy's Knee High Socks which I am really excited about. Who ever said you couldn't turn those casual striped knee high socks into a super chic outfit. Keep reading below for more suggestions on knee high socks and photos. 

What I'm Wearing.

 Dress: Click Here

​Shoes: Click Here 

​Blazer: Similar Here

​Wedge Sneakers: Similar Here

Socks: Pink Agyle Socks

Socks: Marron Tube Socks

Socks: I love knee socks 

​Lipstick: Mac Lipstick rebel


How to Rock Knee High Socks?

 We can never go wrong with black and a blazer. A basic black dress can go a long way. Have you ever tried a black dress and a pair of brown boots? Fall is the perfect opportunity for this. One of the most important things to remember is that the texture and style of the booth match the dress you are wearing. I decided to choose a plain dress with minimal flow at the bottom with my laced up distressed boots. I feel that this style of sock from Chrissy's Knee High Socks made it really easy to do because of the black stripes and the "I love knee high socks" logo. My absolute favorite. The socks have a lot of support at the bottom and really keep you warm so you can wear them out or around the house. Perfect christmas gifts as well.  

​There are three styles of socks I really love for winter, classic knee high socks, leg warmers, and knee high socks with ruffles at the top. Lately there has been a few boot cuffs coming out which I'm not completely crazy about because I feel the only reason to wear the knee high socks look is to keep you warm during fall/winter season. Although, this can be a great option if you are wearing nylon and some boots or perhaps jeans. which in that case you do not need the sock to keep you warm. 

My suggestions

​1. Ruffle socks: I love them! They are so much fun for outfits for either high socks or ankle boots. I like to keep my socks neutral colored like everything else because as you will learn I love to add color to my accessories, shoes, or lip colors. From the suggestions below I'm really in love with the free people red striped pair and these here. 

2. Crochet socks: Ok guys If I love ruffle socks you know I love crochet socks even more. I usually pair these with ankle boots and sometimes even some flats to show off the detail on the top. They can also go on top of your nylons with some flats and a mini skirt dress. I will probably bring this look later on in the month.

3. leg warmers: We all love them! Can be worn with sneakers and/or under our boots.

4. knee high socks: The options are endless. From funky patterns to total chicness. I love to use these to lounge around the house and/or spice up an outfit.

​5. knee high leg warmers: One of the newest things I've noticed are the knee high leg warmers. Range from crochet looks to funkier styles.



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