Rushing for a Sorority and Need Some Tips?
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Rushing for a Sorority and Need Some Tips

Hi Loves! I Hope everything has been well for everyone. I finally had time to write my first September blog post. I have been so busy unpacking. I finally completed my move to San Diego and I am so excited. A Little nervous to be away from my family but the weather and people are so nice here I cannot complain. Luckily I have my sister close by so I take it as an opportunity to spend more time with her. 

I really wanted to do a blog for all those girls really nervous about rushing. When I was about to go through the formal recruitment process I found myself going on youtube and google in hope that I could get a better understanding of what my day would be like. well I hope to break it down for you a little better. it varies between schools and chapters but my first advice would be to mentally prepare for the long days. Talking can be so exhausting especially when your going from house to house. Pack some water and snacks, You are going to have very little down time. So first

Questions they might ask you?

  • Why did you decide to Rush?
  • ​What does sisterhood mean to you?
  • What quality could you bring to the chapter?
  • What are you looking to gain from sorority life?
  • What is your favorite hobby?
  • ​If you could have a superpower what would it be and why? 

What Should I bring?

  • water, snacks, food (sandwich worked perfect for me)
  • cell phone won't be needed but bring a small clutch to put it away since I know we can't go anywhere without it. Make sure you turn it off before you go into any house you do not want it to ring in the middle of a conversation
  • sunscreen 

What Should I wear?

  • depending on the event your Rho Gamma (someone who is neutral and is allowed to answer any questions for you) will let you know what the theme for the day is. 
  • typically, you want to be comfortable but look nice. Think lunch date. I personally would wear somewhere something that fits your personality. I am obsessed with headbands so I made sure to wear one that day. It made me feel more comfortable. 

What Should I talk about?

  • be yourself. I know you heard it a lot but it is true. Everyone is different and your going to find the right house for yourself. 
  • ​you are going to talk to a minimum of 2-3 girls per house. They will all engage in a conversation at one point. Don't feel the need to impress them, they all want to make a good impression on you. Answer the questions truthfully and honestly you can't go wrong. 

There are so many stereotypes when it comes to sororities but believe me when I tell you this is one of the most exciting times for the girls in the house. They are excited to meet you! Have an open mind, just because you are a legacy it does not mean that the house will be right for you. 

know these questions can be overwhelming but the girls are just trying to get a sense of who are as a person in so little time. Stick through the process it's so stressful but college experience and sisterhood makes it all worth while. Best of luck everyone! Feel free to contact me directly with any questions. :) 

Thanks for reading. <3