What to Look Out for When Buying Shorts?
purple crop top | white denim shorts
white denim shorts | brown belt
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I love to go shopping for shorts" said no on ever. haha What are the best things to look out for when buying shorts. Sometimes the trendiest things don't always suit your body type. But how do we know?

Ok so this was me last year and even this year. I kept trying so badly to fit into some high rise shorts with cuffed edges. I see so many girls rocking that look but after trying on a million pairs we had to call it quits. I am guilty of buying a pair last year and never wearing it. haha ok so truth be told. DO not buy a pair of shorts hoping it will feel better on you after a few days of being on a diet or better yet maybe it will stretch out? Sometimes it really is not about the size of the shorts or your body type it just comes down to fabric choice. Some shorts are more stretchy in some areas than others. 


1. The way the shorts feel in the store is going to be the way they will fit at home.
2. Don't wait for the fabric to stretch out. 
3. Make a choice between high rise of low rise? what feels better on your body?
4. What fit makes you feel sexier? No really, what is in season is not always what is going to make you feel and look your best.
5. Where are your problem areas? For example I hate my inner thighs Ive always had thicker thighs so i like to get my shorts long but I love them to feel shorter on the side of my leg. If you workout let it show. It helps define your legs better. 
6. The fit of the shorts on your legs should not be skin tight. It will be uncomfortable to walk and not look very polished. 
7. How distress do you want the look? 


​These are just a few questions I have learn to ask myself over the years and saved me a lot of time and money. Have you ever noticed you always grab the same pair of shorts for everything? If thats you ask yourself why that pair is your favorite. When you go to the store stick to what you know NO MATTER how cute the new styles are. haha I know how hard it can be but you will find the right style for you. 


My go to spot for shorts is american eagle they seem to always have a selection. The ones in the photo are part of their spring collection.  


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