The Perfect Spring Maxi Dress

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In love with anything and everything with floral designs and patterns. Not only does it give it a boho look but refreshingly spring.

I'm feeling this weather lately & if you are trying to get started on all those spring favorites now is the time. I am the type of person who just needs a little bit of the warm weather in order for me to start pulling out the dresses and happy colors. One of the main things to look out for when buying prints is the placements of the patterns on the fabric. It's easy to loose sight of that when you fall absolutely in love with the clothing but the placement of the patterns and how it falls on each individual can really impact how it looks. I for example have to stay away from really strong patterns and I try to soften them by getting neutral tones because if not it accentuates the width of my upper body. haha The struggle is real guys.  


I picked out some of my favorite floral prints below. Check them out. 



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