How To Wear a Men's Button Up Shirt


black jeans

 Men's button up


Casual Ottd

Hello lovely readers!

So I begin this post relieved that the weather is much warmer and sunnier. I decided to wear this outfit yesterday on my way to Los Angeles.  I hope that these denim ideas help anyone in need. The button down shown below is a men's denim shirt. I managed to pair it with some distressed black jeans and military boots. In addition, by adding a cap I was able to complete my tomboyish/girly look. I realized that it is very important to wear mascara or blush when trying to pull of this look; whatever makes you feel comfortable. Hair should look polished in order for the hat to stand out  without making the button up look out of place. You want to look girly and relaxed but polished.

Details on the outfit: black jeans from Angl. Monster inc Disney hat from Disneyland. Denim button down: borrowed, from H&M. Boots from Aldo.

Thanks for reading!! Contact me with any questions. ☺️



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