Weekend & Back to School Outfit 2 in 1

Who doesn't love a cute back to school outfit and weekend outfit. I was going to visit my family this past weekend and I refused to not be in the cutest attire. The problem with looking super cute in the summer and dressing up, is that it gets hot and sticky. Realistically I just want to to throw my hair up in a bun and call it a day. However, the occasion sometimes calls for a little effort. A las a comfortable outfit that was inspired by my college days. Oh not so long ago. tears. haha This must be that tomboyish girly side of me. What do you need to recreate this? 

sleeveless denim button up


burgundy shorts | sleeveless top


arm candy | burgundy outfits


casual outfit | white sneakers


aviator sunglasses | dogs ear tape


Please don't mind my cute Maltipoo's ears. Instagram [@TeacupMaltipoo] The vet thought it was a good idea to tape them so that his ear cartilage would get stronger and stand up. Since he was born up to 8 months his ears were erect so we thought they needed to stand up. It is possible if we continue the ear taping. However, After a week of  ear taping, we decided his ears did not need to stand up. No it was not painful and Prince did not complain at all. Ok moving on to fashion! haha 

1. Some comfortable ARM CANDY. We all love it! Here I wrapped around a beaded lace headband and wore my very versatile good works leather bracelet. You will see the bracelet over and over again. Best purchase I've made back in 2013! [Similar Style Click Here]


2. Denim top: whether you choose long sleeve or short sleeve. They go with just about anything. It's summer so sleeveless was my top choice. This one is from Volcom, I was able to borrow it from my sisters closer. haha yay me. [Similar Style Click Here]


3. Burgundy shorts: This are from American eagle. [Similar style click here]


4.  White flats or sneakers: My very comfortable pair from Sanuk. They are also my go to's, It's like wearing sandals but not. 


5. Sunglasses! We can't forget out shades. I went with black aviator style because I wanted to give the outfit a more sophisticated mature look. Mysterious I suppose. You can pair any style of choice. 


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 Vestuario Para El Fin de Semana y Regreso a Clases 2 en 1


En el verano uno no se quiere vestir mucho por la calor que ase. Iba a visitar a mi familia y queria algo cómodo pero con estilo a la misma vez. Este estilo fue inspirado por mis dias en el colegio. Que se ocupa para recrear este estilo. 


1.  Detalles y pulseras que estén cómodos. Use una cinta de el pelo y me la envolví alrededor de la mano. La combine con una pulsera de good works que compre en el 2013. [Para un estilo similar Click aquí]


2. Camiseta de mezclilla. Puede usar una camiseta mano larga or corta. Claro por la temporada escogí una que no tuviera manga. [Para un estilo similar click aquí]


3. Chores color burgundy. Los que uso en la foto son de American Eagle. [para un estilo similar click aquí]


4.  Zapatos blancos. Los míos son de Sanuk. Es como usar sandalia pero en realidad no. 


5. Gafas del sol. Se puede poner en estilo que usted prefiera pero yo escogí negras porque quería un look mas sofisticado. 


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